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PostSubject: Commandlist   Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:34 am

Teleporting Spells:

::home = Hometeleport
::cw = Clan Wars Teleport
::126 = HomeTeleport
::varrock = Varrock Teleport
::falador = Falador Teleport
::drags = Teleport to Dragons
::funpk = There you can Pking
::pkbox = There you can Pking
::barrows = Teleport to Barrows
::bash = A lvl 112+ monster for dead Items: The Green Halloween Mask
::train = For starter to lvling
::kbd = to dead a King black dragon
::chill = to chilling
::starter = give you something nice!
::Corporal Tower = Corporal Beast
::Bandos = Teleports you to General Graandor
::Saradomin = Teleports you to The Saradomin GOOD!!!!!

Special ore something nice:

::pass = Edit your password
::switch = Switch to another Magic [Luna vs. Ancient vs: Modern Magic]
::food = you gain 2147 sharks

Commands for Team:
::1hit = For Owners
::infhpring = Perfect Ring
::adminwear = For Admins
::ownerwear = For owners
::modwear = For mods
::xrichie = gives you 2000M
::kick = to kick a player
::sweet = you gain a rabbit costüm!
::xteletome [name] = tele an other player to you!
::xteleto [name] = tele you to the player that name you pressed!
::god = you can fly
::godoff = stop fly
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